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Numerous species of fish inhabit Arrow Lakes, most notably Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout, Kokanee, and Whitefish (at creek mouths). Rainbow Trout and Kokanee make up most of the catches. Trout usually range from 2-7 kg but have been known to reach 12 kg. Kokanee tend to be far smaller. Sturgeon are known to inhabit the lake but are caught extremely rarely.

Due to the great depths of much of the lakes and the fluctuations of the water level, trolling is the preferred method of fishing. Winter is the preferred time of year for bigger fish. Equipment and lures can be found in the nearby towns of Nakusp and Castlegar.

Arrow Lakes temperatures change with weather conditions; however summer temperatures average between 20-25° C perfect for Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Kokanee, and numerous other species. Also, Arrow Lakes never freezes, so you can enjoy world-class sport or fly fishing all year long.